The first adaptive moment-based color image watermarking is presented in this work. The proposed method exploits rotation invariance, high reconstruction capability and computation accuracy of the quaternion radial moments’ (QRMs), subject to the tradeoff between robustness and imperceptibility. The current system manages to multi-embed binary logos to color images applying QRMs as information carriers. A novel adaptive system adjusts the watermark’s embedding strength (online) by taking into account image’s morphology, with respect to robustness and imperceptibility. The method manages to experimentally justify and further eliminate the attack-free phenomenon that state-of-the-art methods suffer. The simulation results justified that the proposed framework manages to highly secure its carrying information under common signal processing and geometric attacking conditions. Furthermore, the adoption of the novel adaptive process enhances the robustness and imperceptibility requirements by reducing the Bit Error Rate even by 49% and producing even 5db higher PSNR values, respectively.


E.D. Tsougenis, G.A. Papakostas, D.E. Koulouriotis and E.G. Karakasis, “Adaptive Color Image Watermarking by the use of Quaternion Image Moments», Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 41, no. 14, pp. 6408-6418, 2014.

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