A novel adaptive image watermarking methodology, robust to common signal processing attacks, is proposed in this paper. The introduced watermarking scheme uses prior knowledge in the form of IF–THEN fuzzy rules to intelligently decide the appropriate embedding strength applied to each coefficient in the moment domain carrying the watermark information. Initially, the prior knowledge regarding the amount of watermark information each moment coefficient of the original image has the capacity to hide is used to build an optimized rule-based fuzzy inference system. The resulted system is able to provide the appropriate embedding strength for each moment coefficient, ensuring high imperceptible watermarked images and high fidelity in watermark extraction. Extensive experiments under several attacking conditions demonstrate that the proposed methodology can improve the robustness of the watermarked images by a significant factor up to 32 %, without affecting their optical quality.


G.A. Papakostas, E.D. Tsougenis, D.E. Koulouriotis, «Fuzzy knowledge-based adaptive image watermarking by the method of moments», Complex & Intelligent Systems, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 205-220, 2016.

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