Robot-assisted therapy in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) gained a lot of attention the last decade with promising results (Begum, Serna, & Yanco, 2016; Ismail, et al., 2019; Pennisi et al., 2016; Smeekens et al., 2018). Larger clinical trials are needed to establish robots’ utility in ASD interventions (Robinson, Cottier, & Kavanagh, 2019). As a first step feasibility studies are critical to ensure that the proposed robot-mediated interventions are effective and suitable in helping children with autism.


Kaburlasos Vassilis, Vasiliki Holeva, Christina Dardani, Maria Papadopoulou, Petros Kechayas, Christos Lytridis, Christos Bazinas, and Vasiliki-Aliki Nikopoulou. “A Feasibility Study to Evaluate the Application of a Robot-Assisted ASD Intervention in Greece.” In INSAR 2020 Virtual Meeting. INSAR.

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