Robots are increasingly entering agricultural fields to support human labor. Heavy tasks like harvesting are assigned to robots due to their advanced modularity, robustness and accuracy that provide automated solutions to tedious and elaborate tasks. In this paper, the technological requirements of a specialized Agrobot (Agriculture robot) for supporting viticulture tasks such as harvest, green harvest and defoliation, are identified. This robot aims at developing on-board intelligent decision making on-the-spot based on commercial hardware, machine vision and innovative computational intelligence algorithms. Design, structures, methods and sensors are briefly discussed. This study delineates a prototype grape harvesting robot, consisting of a reliable information acquisition system that includes sensor-fusion algorithms and data analysis, adopted to the dynamic conditions of agricultural environments such as vineyards.


E. Vrochidou, T. Pachidis, M. Manios, G. A. Papakostas, V. G. Kaburlasos, S. Theocharis, S. Koundouras, K. Karabatea, E. Bouloumpasi, S. Pavlidis, S. Mamalis, T. Merou. “Identifying the technological needs for developing a grapes harvesting robot: operations and systems”, 9th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food & Environment (HAICTA 2020). Thessaloniki, Greece, 24-27 September 2020, pp. 105-113. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2761/ (Open Access)