Welcome to the

HUman-MAchines INteraction Laboratory (HUMAIN-Lab)

Welcome to the

HUman-MAchines INteraction Laboratory (HUMAIN-Lab)

Machines, implemented either in hardware or in software, with whom a human interacts proliferate, furthermore their complexity increases; for instance, the aforementioned machines include devices for communication, computers, robots, costumer service software, and other. This lab pursues the study, analysis and design of both hardware and software that enables the seamless collaboration of humans with machines.


The operation of a machine in the “physical” environment is typically supported by arithmetic models. However, when a human is involved there might emerge non-numerical data…


Our orientation is toward the development of machines with a capacity to interact with humans in various applications including education, precision farming, patrolling in the physical environment and other.


Our orientation is toward the conversion of our laboratory prototypes in commercial products.

Vassilis Kaburlasos

Expertise: Computational Intelligence

Georgios Papakostas

Expertise: Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Theodoros Pachidis

Expertise: Robotics and Software Engineering

Michail Manios

Technical Staff

Stamatis Chatzistamatis

Administrative Staff

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M. Dimitrova, H. Wagatsuma, V. Kaburlasos, A. Krastev, I. Kolev, “Towards social cognitive neuropsychology account of human-robot interaction”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Robotics, Mechatronics and Social Implementation, Varna, Bulgaria, 28 August – 01 September 2018, pp. 12-16

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