People’s desires under the limits imposed by the pandemic COVID-19 changed significantly. There has
been a noticeable decline in the number of people choosing to work in agricultural vocations across
Europe. Viticulture in Greece, to date, has a very low rate of automation. A few factors that restrict the
use of agricultural machinery include the very small individual area of vineyards, their scattered
cultivation (lack of large contiguous areas), their traditional formation without support, and their steep


Karampatea, E. Bouloumpasi, E. Karapatzak, S. Theocharis, T. Gkrimpizis, C. Karadimou, E. Tziolas, S. Pavlidis, S. Koundouras, S. Mamalis, C. Lytridis, T. Pachidis, V. G. Kaburlasos, “Technology-based regional wine development: A multi-purpose agrobot design for grape harvest automation”, European Association of Wine Economists (EuAWE) 2023 Conference. Chania, Crete, Greece, 28-31 May 2023.