Μatrice 300 RTK

The Matrice 300 RTK is a high-end commercial drone manufactured by DJI, a leading drone manufacturer. It features advanced technologies such as a dual-camera system, real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, and a maximum flight time of up to 55 minutes. The Matrice 300 RTK is designed for professional applications such as industrial inspections, public safety operations, and search and rescue missions.

Phantom 4 Pro

The Phantom 4 Pro is a high-end consumer drone manufactured by DJI, a leading drone manufacturer. It features a 4K camera, obstacle avoidance sensors, and a maximum flight time of up to 28 minutes.


The Jetson AGX Orin is an AI computer platform designed for autonomous machines and robots. It offers high-performance computing, advanced AI capabilities, and support for multiple sensors and cameras, making it ideal for industrial, automotive, and robotics applications.

3D Printers


The CreatBot D600 is a high-precision 3D printer designed for professional use. It features a large build volume of 600 x 600 x 600mm, dual extruders, and can print with a variety of materials, making it ideal for manufacturing, engineering, and design applications.

Figure 4 Standalone


The Figure 4 Standalone is a professional-grade 3D printing system that uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to create high-precision parts. It features a fast printing speed, a large build volume, and a range of compatible materials, making it suitable for various applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and healthcare.

Mobile Robots

Eken Robot

The Robotnik Eken is a mobile robot platform designed for research and development in robotics. It is equipped with a range of sensors, cameras, and other components, and can be customized to suit different applications and projects.


The Robotnik Vogui is a mobile robot designed for outdoor applications such as agriculture, logistics, and search and rescue missions. It features a rugged design, all-terrain mobility, and a range of sensors and components to enable autonomous navigation and operation in challenging environments.


An RTK GPS system is a combination of at least two GPS receivers, one serving as a base station and the other as a rover, that use Real-Time Kinematic technology to achieve precise positioning. The base station transmits correction signals to the rover, enabling centimeter-level accuracy for surveying, mapping, and other high-precision applications.

Robotic Hand

The Schunk Robotik Hand is a versatile robotic end-effector designed for industrial automation applications. It features multiple fingers that can be individually controlled for precise grasping and manipulation of a wide range of objects.

Robotic Arms

Kinova Gen3

The Kinova Gen3 robot arm is a collaborative robotic arm designed for various applications, including pick-and-place, assembly, and research. It features six degrees of freedom and a compact, lightweight design for easy integration into different environments.


The UR-10e robot arm is a collaborative robot designed for various applications in industrial automation, such as pick-and-place, machine tending, and assembly. It features six degrees of freedom and a payload capacity of up to 10 kg.


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