Editions of Special Volumes

Members of the HUMAIN-Lab have edited the following Special Volumes:

[1] V.G. Kaburlasos (Guest Editor), Special Issue on: Information Engineering Applications Based on Lattices, Information Sciences, vol. 181, iss. 10, pp. 1771-1773, 2011 (16 papers, pp. 1774-2060).

[2] G.A. Papakostas, A.G. Hatzimichailidis, V.G. Kaburlasos (eds.) Handbook of Fuzzy Sets Comparison – Theory, Algorithms and Applications. Science Gate Publishing (SGP) vol.6, http://sciencegatepub.com/ , 2016, ISBN: 978-618-81418-1-2 (print), ISBN: 978-618-81418-2-9 (e-book).
(http://sciencegatepub.com/books/gcsr/gcsr_vol6/ ).

[3] Shuwei Chen, Jun Liu, Vassilis Kaburlasos (Guest Editors), Special Issue on: New Trends in Logic Reasoning Approaches for Rational Decision Making, Journal of Universal Computer Science, (under preparation http://www.jucs.org/ujs/jucs/info/special_issues/in_preparation.html )

[4] Vassilis Kaburlasos (Guest Editor), Special Issue on: Lattice Computing: A Mathematical Modelling Paradigm for Cyber-Physical System Applications, Mathematics, (under preparation https://www.mdpi.com/journal/mathematics/special_issues/Lattice_Computing )

[5] Lyuba Alboul, Jacques Penders, Peter Mitrouchev, Maya Dimitrova, Anna Lekova, Vassilis Kaburlasos (Guest Editors), Special Issue on “Emerging Technologies for Assistive Robotics: Current Challenges and Perspectives”, Biomedical Robotics. [Kostas J Kyriakopoulos (Field Chief Editor), Frontiers in Robotics and AI – Open Access και Web-of-Science] Abstract submission deadline: 15 September 2020; manuscript submission deadline: 15 December 2020 (under preparation https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/14419/emerging-technologies-for-assistive-robotics-current-challenges-and-perspectives )

[6] Vassilis Kaburlasos. Chris Lytridis (Guest Editors), Special Issue on: The Application of Social Robots in Sustainable Education, Sustainability. Manuscript submission deadline: 31 December 2021 (under preparation https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/Social_Robot )