Organization Chart


2016 – 2023: Professor Vassilis Kaburlasos

Division#1 Computational Intelligence

Head: Professor Vassilis Kaburlasos


Toward encountering a number of practical problems we design suitable technologies such as

  1. Classical Computational Intelligence technologies including Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Fuzzy Systems
  2. Enhanced Computational Intelligence technologies including methodologies statistical, with graphs and other
  3. Combinations of the above with emphasis on logic based on mathematical lattice theory. Optimization is pursued by evolutionary computation.

Relevant Courses in the Department:

  • Computational Intelligence
  • 103ΓΥΥΚ, Discrete Mathematics
  • 404ΓΥΥΚ, Neural Networks
  • 505ΕΥΥΚ, Introduction to Computational Intelligence
  • 608ΕΔΥΓ, Logic and Logical Programming
  • 609ΕΔΜΓ, GUI Programming
  • 611ΕΔΕΧ, Bioinformatics
  • 708ΕΔΜΓ, Pattern Recognition
Division#2 Robotics

Head: Associate Professor Theodore Pachidis


The robotics group deals with issues related to the study, design and development of hardware and software and/or the construction of integrated robotic-and-automation-systems based on research results produced in our laboratory or the implementation of other ones proposed by the scientific community.

The research regards the application of theories, methods, algorithms and technologies in robotic systems with the development and/or use of different types of sensors and actuators as well as their interaction with humans.

Relevant Courses in the Department:

  • Mobile Robots
  • 105ΓΥΥΚ, Electric Circuits
  • 202ΓΥΥΚ, Electronic Circuits
  • 304EΥΥΚ, Introduction to Software Engineering
  • 306EΥΥΚ, Digital Systems
  • 406ΓΥΥΚ, Digital Image Processing
  • 504EΥΥΚ, Microcomputer Systems
  • 607ΕΔΜΓ, Software Project Management – Software Quality
  • 612ΕΔΕΧ, Computer Graphics
  • 701ΕΔΜΑ, Mobile Robots and Applications
  • 702ΕΔΥΑ, Robotics and human-machines interaction
  • 703ΕΔΜΑ, Systems Engineering of embedded systems based on microprocessors - Online φαρμακείο